University of Coimbra

Historical standings at SWERC

University of Coimbra

2015: 31st (Os michéis)
2014: 24th (segfault) 30th (DNP) 31st (UCal)
2012: 10th (3D) 36th (DiBuggers)
2010: 21st (Di Buggers) 25th (600) 36th (hotMales)
2009: 21st (CROP)
2008: 41st (Californication) 41st (HotMales)
2007: 28th (Invasion) 44th (Beta_Release) 64th (Gliders)
2006: 45th (gliders) 53rd (invasion)
2005: 40th (El gato volador) 42nd (Blue Screen)
2004: 9th (NullPointerException)
2003: 15th (NullPointerException) 30th (FIC-UDC)
2002: 34th (Marrocos_Blues)
2001: 29th (Byte_Killers)
1999: 16th (University of Coimbra)
1997: 28th (University of Coimbra)
1996: 23rd (University of Coimbra)

No participation recorded before 1996. The data in this page is semi-automatically collected, do not hesitate to send corrections if any.

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