Registration to SWERC'17 is now closed and the list of teams is final.

To edit the details of your teams, please use the ICPC Baylor system, in particular to confirm the team composition, special needs, keyboard type, and name and URL (see below). No changes will be possible after Monday, November 13.

If you have special needs, such as dietary restrictions or mobility restrictions, make sure to fill in the "Special needs" field when registering on Baylor. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Some extra fields are requested by Baylor when registering teams and members. Here is a detailed explanation of what they mean:

  • Keyboard type: This field indicates whether your team would prefer to be provided with a keyboard labeled with the AZERTY layout (French) or the QWERTY layout (international). See the environment page. Only AZERTY and QWERTY keyboards are available: if you put something else than "AZERTY" or "QWERTY", we will make an arbitrary choice for you. Remember that this choice is for the team, because we will provide only one keyboard per team.
  • Name or nickname and URL of homepage to display on public Web site: Unlike in previous years, we would like to list the individual team members in the final standings online (not just the teams), for those who wish. These fields allow every team member to decide under which name or nickname they would like to appear on such a page, and whether they would want their name to link to a homepage or social media profile. If you wish to appear as an anonymous member, write "-" in the field. Please do not try to impersonate someone else: we will only allow names that look like your real name or a reasonable nickname.

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