Registration opened on Monday, September 11 and will close on Wednesday, November 8 (or earlier if capacity is exhausted). The event will accommodate up to 70 teams. As we expect the slots to fill up quickly, we strongly recommend that you register your teams as early as possible.

Registration takes place on the ICPC Baylor system. If you are confused about these registration steps, please be sure to read the contest description first, or contact us at swerc<REMOVETHIS> The coach of the teams should do the following:

  • Check that the institution is in the SWERC region. If you have any doubts about whether you are counted as part of this region, please contact us.
  • Check carefully that all members of the team are eligible according to the decision tree.
  • Register as coach on ICPC Baylor and register the teams on this system. You must add three contestants to the team, and make sure to complete the whole registration process (i.e., the team should not appear as ineligible, there should be three contestants per team, and each contestant should have completed the registration).
  • Once registration for your team is completed according to the Baylor system, we will confirm if your team is allocated a slot, and send payment instructions. The invoice for registration fees will include the name of the university, the name of the team, and the name of members at the time the invoice is issued. The registration fee is 120 EUR per team, which covers the registration of 3 contestants plus 1 coach.

The rules to allocate the 70 slots are as follows. They apply differently to regular institutions and to distinguished institutions. The 7 distinguished institutions are the ones for which at least one team ranked in the first 12 places of SWERC'16, namely: ENSU, ETH, UPC, FCUP, UHaifa, EPFL, TN. The regular institutions are all other institutions. There are two periods:

  • From September 11 to October 9 noon Paris time:
    • 14 slots are reserved for the first two teams of the distinguished institutions. We will confirm these teams soon after registration.
    • 56 slots are reserved for the first teams of regular institutions. We will confirm these teams by order of registration.
  • From October 9 noon Paris time to the registration deadline on Baylor:
    • By order of registration (and including any remaining teams from the first period), we will confirm the first three teams of each distinguished institution and the first two teams of each regular institution.
  • On the last day of registration, we may offer the remaining slots to more teams from institutions that have already registered.

Coaches, please note: The order among teams for each institution will be set according to the order in which they are created on the Baylor system. Note that it is possible to change the members of a team after it has been created in the system, without changing the team's creation date in the system.

If you have special needs, such as dietary restrictions or mobility restrictions, make sure to fill in the "Special needs" field when registering on Baylor. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Some extra fields are requested by Baylor when registering teams and members. Here is a detailed explanation of what they mean:

  • Keyboard type: This field indicates whether your team would prefer to be provided with a keyboard labeled with the AZERTY layout (French) or the QWERTY layout (international). See the environment page. Only AZERTY and QWERTY keyboards are available: if you put something else than "AZERTY" or "QWERTY", we will make an arbitrary choice for you. Remember that this choice is for the team, because we will provide only one keyboard per team.
  • Name or nickname and URL of homepage to display on public Web site: Unlike in previous years, we would like to list the individual team members in the final standings online (not just the teams), for those who wish. These fields allow every team member to decide under which name or nickname they would like to appear on such a page, and whether they would want their name to link to a homepage or social media profile. If you wish to appear as an anonymous member, write "-" in the field. Please do not try to impersonate someone else: we will only allow names that look like your real name or a reasonable nickname.

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