Sponsoring SWERC 2017

We welcome sponsoring offers from industry and institutional partners.

The contest includes a special session during which sponsors are invited to give a long technical talk on a topic of their choice, in order to present their activities to the participants. Partners are also offered a booth next to the break and lunch area, are invited at the evening banquet, and of course the name and logo of the partner will be featured on any of our communication.

We offer three levels of sponsorship:

  • Gold: 6000 EUR to give a talk, have a booth, and be featured on communications
  • Silver: 3000 EUR to have a booth and be featured on communications
  • Bronze: 1000 EUR to be featured on communications

We are also open to other forms or levels of contribution (for example, prizes for the winners).

If you are interested in sponsoring SWERC 2017, please contact us at swerc<REMOVETHIS>@telecom-paristech.fr

Gold sponsors

Palantir Société Générale Criteo Labs

Silver sponsors

Almerys Télécom ParisTech

Bronze sponsor

Google Inria