Universitat Politècnica de València

Historical standings at SWERC

Universitat Politècnica de València

2021 74th ETSINF-1 82nd ETSINF-2
2020 69th ETSINF-1 75th ETSINF-3
2019 83rd ETSINF-2 85th ETSINF-1
2018 56th ETSINF-2 62nd ETSINF-1
2017 47th ETSINF-2 48th ETSINF-1
2016 26th ETSINF-1 48th ETSINF-2
2015 25th ETSINF 1 39th ETSINF 2
2014 32nd ETSINF-2 36th ETSINF-1
2013 7th ETSINF-3 32nd ETSINF-1 44th ETSINF-2
2012 23rd ETSINF-3 34th ETSINF-1 39th ETSINF-2
2011 18th ETSINF-1 32nd ETSINF-2
2010 31st ETSINF-1 34th ETSINF-2
2009 17th ETSINF-1 18th ETSINF-2
2008 41st UPV-EI 41st UPV-FI
2007 46th UPV_EI 52nd UPV_FI
2006 28th UPV FI 42nd UPV EI
2005 29th UPV-EI 47th UPV-FI
2004 36th Valencia Penguins
2003 22nd Valencia Penguins

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