Contest venue

SWERC 2022-2023 will be hosted in the B6 building of the Bovisa campus of Politecnico di Milano.

The campus is located at this address: Via Giuseppe Candiani 72, 20158 Milano and the exact location location of the B6 building is here.

We suggest looking for hotels near the campus: the Bovisa area is usually cheaper to stay in, compared to the city center.

Reaching the contest venue

To reach the contest venue via public transportation there are mainly two possible options, train and metro, for both of which the standard 2.20€ ticket is sufficient (consider that it might be convenient to get the 24 or 72 hours ticket, which are 7€ and 12€ respectively).

For navigation, Google Maps will generally be accurate enough. There's also Moovit, a popular alternative that is sometimes preferrable when it comes to public transport in Milan (android app, iphone app, webapp).

For connections to/from Linate, it's worth mentioning that you can take a train from the Milano Bovisa station to Milano Dateo (25 minutes), from which you can get on the blue metro line M4, just 10 minutes away from the airport.

Option 1: using the metro

You need to reach the Dergano station (yellow line M3) and then walk for about 1.2km. There's also a bus that can slightly shorten the walk.

The yellow line M3 intersects with all other metro lines, so it's well connected. Just as an example: from the Piola metro station you can take the green line M2 (direction Abbiategrasso), stop in the Centrale metro station, and take the yellow line M3 (direction Comasina), finally arriving at Dergano.

Option 2: using the train

You need to reach the Milano Bovisa train station and then walk for about 700m.

Although this solution uses the train system instead of the metro, it is perfectly fine to use with the normal ticket in Milan. You can also combine metro and trains, as long as you stay in the allowed zone (which includes Bovisa).

There are five train lines that go through the Milano Bovisa station: S1, S2, S3, S4, S13.

A good rule of thumb is that the standard ticket includes all the train stations that have "Milano" in the beginning of their name (e.g. Milano Rogoredo, Milano Cadorna, etc) and some others (e.g. S.Donato Milanese).

Refer to the following map and keep in mind that the "standard ticket" (costing 2.20€) covers all the train/metro stations in the Mi1 and Mi3 area:

Map of public transportation in Milan

Reaching the opening ceremony venue (Crowne Plaza Milano Linate)

Similarly to the contest venue, the opening ceremony and banquet venue is also reachable with the standard 2.20€ ticket.

Option 1: using the train

We recommend using the train: you need to reach the S. Donato Milanese train station and then walk 350m.

You can get there directly from Milano Bovisa by the S1 train, which takes approximately 35 minutes to reach S. Donato Milanese (there's approximately a train every 30 minutes).

Option 2: using the metro

You need to reach the San Donato station (yellow line M3) and then either walk for about 1.2km, or use one of the many buses available to reach the Emilia De Gasperi bus stop and finally walk 400m.

Reaching Milan via train

If you're coming by train, you will most likely arrive at either Milano Centrale or Milano Porta Garibaldi. From both of these train stations you can access the metro (green line M2).

Reaching Milan via plane

If you're coming by plane, you will land at one of the three main airports:

  • Linate (LIN) – This is the closest airport to the city: you just need to buy a standard 2.20€ ticket and get on either the blue line metro M4 (or Bus 73), directed to the center and connected to every other metro line.
  • Orio al serio / Milan Bergamo (BGY) – This airport is about an hour away from the city center. There are frequent bus rides that reach the city center, priced somewhere between 10€ and 15€, depending on the provider.
  • Malpensa (MXP) – This airport is about an hour away from the city center. The main option to reach the center is the Malpensa Express train, which costs 13€. There are also frequent bus rides, which may be slightly cheaper depending on the chosen provider.

Accomodation in Milan

We don't have specific recommendations for hotels / hostels. We suggest looking for hotels near the campus, or at least reasonably connected to Bovisa.

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