Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Historical standings at SWERC

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

2021 60th Teamto De Verano 76th pik2s 80th LongLongLovers
2020 64th Teamto De Verano 77th Abelian Group 93rd LoCTodo
2019 55th Meme Team 67th Hello World!! 92nd Abelian Group
2018 49th MilkTeam 58th Las Más Debugs 72nd LactoseOverdose
2017 62nd RaspuTeam 69th Victorious Secret 73rd Las Mas Debugs
2016 43rd Team Sombrero
2010 32nd URJC - Proteo 36th La cuarta edad
2009 25th Hypercube 31st The Calce Team
2004 53rd URJC 1
2003 42nd urjc2 43rd urjc1
2002 40th The_buddies 42nd URJC1
2001 37th Los_Archiperres_Mostolenos 39th Barrapunteros

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