Università di Trento

Historical standings at SWERC

Università di Trento

2021 41st UniTrento MindsHub 43rd UniTrento leMontResortSPA 55th UniTrento LexTutor
2020 36th UniTrento2 58th UniTrento Musketrees 84th UniTrento-Newbie
2019 24th UniTN Team 2 34th UniTN Forrest Graph 38th UniTN TimeLimitExceeded
2018 26th UniTN TimeLimitExceeded 47th UniTN FatineRicorsine 48th UniTN Livin' La Vida Yoda
2017 50th UniTrento
2016 12th UniTrento
2015 52nd UniTrento
2013 34th broccoli
2012 20th Crackers Salati
2008 15th Trento e Lode
2007 18th Trento_e_Lode
2004 29th Aiellow Submarine 38th Aiellowstone
2003 41st DIT/SRA

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