ENS Lyon

Historical standings at SWERC

ENS Lyon

2021 24th ENSheep 31st ENSleep 70th Mille ENS
2020 33rd ENSLeep 51st ENSheep 56th ENSchLaps
2019 39th ENSL2 41st ENSL1 50th ENSL3
2018 16th EPFD 21st KâlENS 30th ENplS
2017 12th ENSL 2 36th EN plS
2016 24th ENSlip 28th dangling pointers 33rd ENString
2015 10th ENSL1 15th ENSL2
2014 7th challENgerS 25th ENSL
2013 14th SurpuissENS 19th ENS Lyon
2012 25th ConcurrENS
2011 2nd ENS Lyon 1 19th ENS Lyon 2
2010 20th ENS Lyon 1 27th ENS Lyon 2 28th ENS Lyon 3
2008 1st agregpower 33rd Las_Team_Fears_Out
2007 16th ENS_Lyon_42 34th ENS_Lyon__
2006 18th ENS team 1 44th ENS team 2
2005 15th ENS LYON 2 46th ENS LYON
2004 1st ENS LYON 1 30th ENS LYON 2

The data in this page is semi-automatically collected, do not hesitate to send corrections if any.

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