Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Historical standings at SWERC

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

2021 88th The Ternary Two 92nd The Binary Three
2020 52nd The Binary Three
2019 65th The Binary Three
2018 74th The Binary Three
2017 61st The Binary Three
2016 41st The Binary Three
2015 24th UPF1
2014 36th The Binary Three
2013 25th UPF1 40th UPF2
2012 31st UPF
2011 26th UPF
2010 22nd UPF
2009 31st UPF1 31st UPF2
2008 30th UPFOne 39th UPF1
2007 48th UPF2 63rd UPF1
2006 59th UPF 1

The data in this page is semi-automatically collected, do not hesitate to send corrections if any.

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