FC Universidade do Porto

Historical standings at SWERC

FC Universidade do Porto

2019–2020: 33rd (Pucci Gang) 53rd (Panacea TeAm)
2018: 12th (FCUP 1)
2017: 15th (FCUP-1) 38th (FCUP-2)
2016: 6th (FCUP-1) 47th (FCUP-2) 57th (FCUP-3)
2015: 7th (Ancelistas) 33rd (The Bit Strikes Back) 49th (Jaime Alergeno)
2014: 12th (Ancelistas) 36th (Borgasort)
2013: 21st (Ancelistas73)
2012: 30th (Ancelistas 314)
2008: 19th (Theorem) 24th (Divide_N_Conquer)
2007: 41st (DepthFirstPelicanLater)
2006: 8th (The Phoenix Foundation)
2005: 8th (The Phoenix Foundation)
2004: 5th (FCUP Zendik Coders)
2003: 11th (FCUP Ansible Coders)
2002: 17th (Virtuais) 33rd (HMJ3)
2001: 7th (Virtuais) 36th (MixCC)
2000: 2nd (University of Porto / Faculty of Science)
1999: 11th (University of Porto - Faculty of Science 1) 16th (University of Porto - Faculty of Science 2)

No participation recorded before 1999. The data in this page is semi-automatically collected, do not hesitate to send corrections if any.

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