FC Universidade do Porto

Historical standings at SWERC

FC Universidade do Porto

2021 19th Bolo de Cenoura
2020 20th Pucci Gang 29th IOI Friends
2019 33rd Pucci Gang 53rd Panacea TeAm
2018 12th FCUP 1
2017 15th FCUP-1 38th FCUP-2
2016 6th FCUP-1 47th FCUP-2 57th FCUP-3
2015 7th Ancelistas 33rd The Bit Strikes Back 49th Jaime Alergeno
2014 12th Ancelistas 36th Borgasort
2013 21st Ancelistas73
2012 30th Ancelistas 314
2008 19th Theorem 24th Divide_N_Conquer
2007 41st DepthFirstPelicanLater
2006 8th The Phoenix Foundation
2005 8th The Phoenix Foundation
2004 5th FCUP Zendik Coders
2003 11th FCUP Ansible Coders
2002 17th Virtuais 33rd HMJ3
2001 7th Virtuais 36th MixCC
2000 2nd University of Porto / Faculty of Science
1999 11th University of Porto - Faculty of Science 1 16th University of Porto - Faculty of Science 2

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