Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Historical standings at SWERC

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

2019–2020: 19th (#define UCM UnidosComemosMacarons) 26th (Universal Coding Machine)
2018: 34th (UCM*) 37th (UCM**)
2017: 33rd (I'm So Meta Even This Acronym) 68th (0.5 float en el agua)
2016: 14th (Skullberry) 25th (NameNotFoundException) 51st (Team Limit Exceeded)
2015: 17th ('' OR 1=1 LIMIT 1 --) 46th (Skullberry) 47th (NameNotFoundException)
2014: 14th (NameNotFoundException) 19th (Pulir cera) 21st (Dar cera)
2013: 18th (Dar cera) 23rd (Pulir cera)
2012: 22nd (Pulir Cera) 37th (Dar cera)
2007: 1st (Cauchy)
2006: 6th (Cauchy)
2005: 14th (Cauchy)
2004: 6th (UCM Cauchy)

No participation recorded before 2004. The data in this page is semi-automatically collected, do not hesitate to send corrections if any.

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