ETH Zürich

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Historical standings at SWERC

ETH Zürich

2023 1st dETHroners 16th doublETHink
2022 2nd gETHyped 7th dETHerminant 35th Save water - shower togETHer
2021 6th mETHodical 18th amETHyst 33rd ETHereal
2020 2nd lETHargy 5th promETHeus
2019 3rd mETH 7th ETHanol
2018 2nd Team RaclETH 11th Team RockETH
2017 2nd rETHink togETHer 11th 2slO(w)
2016 2nd rETHink again 10th 2slOw
2015 2nd rETHink problem 9th srand(42)
2014 2nd Sub-ETHa 11th this way up
2013 2nd ETH ¯\ (ツ) /¯ 12th Do math, not mETH
2012 3rd ǝsɐqɐʇɐp WↃ∀ ǝɥʇ uı ʞɔnʇs ɯ,I 16th ETH Underdogs
2011 3rd ETH Tautology Club 13th ETH Butterflies
2010 1st Dirt collector 7th Stack of shorts
2009 4th ETH Zürich - VIS
2008 7th ETH Zurich - VIS I 13th ETH Zurich - VIS II
2007 10th ETH_Zurich___misstheGround 29th ETH_Zurich___soi
2006 14th Obacht 15th 1338 39th Die Baggers
2005 30th Biireschnitz 36th Lazy Ants
2004 19th Die Troooten 46th Karacho
2003 3rd Chäschüechlichaiba 14th blbllblblb
2002 4th Zurich Bitomatic 6th Zurich Die_Unfassbaren
2001 8th vis_one 12th Bitomatic
1998 10th ETH Zürich 2 14th ETH Zürich 1 34th ETH Zürich 3
1997 12th ETH Zürich 1 13th ETH Zürich 3 17th ETH Zürich 2
1996 7th ETH Zürich 2 11th ETH Zürich 1

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