SWERC 2021-2022 is organized by Politecnico di Milano.

Central organization committee


For inquiries about SWERC 2021-2022, please write to the following address:

SWERC Steering Committee

The SWERC steering committee is composed of current and former SWERC directors and is tasked with making long-term decisions relative to the future of SWERC. Its members are as follows:

Judges and problem setters

  • Filippo Baroni
  • Andrea Ciprietti
  • Cesc Folch Aldehuelo
  • Federico Glaudo
  • Simon Mauras
  • Petr Mitrichev
  • Gerard Orriols Gimenez
  • Giovanni Paolini
  • Pedro Miguel Reis Bento Paredes
  • Michal Svagerka
  • Stefanie Zbinden

Technical team

  • Jaap Eldering
  • Luca Versari
  • Mart Pluijmaekers
  • Michael Vasseur
  • Nicky Gerritsen
  • Tobias Werth

Gold sponsor

Bending Spoons Jane Street

Bronze sponsor

Google Cloud Cefriel

ICPC Global sponsors

Huawei JetBrains