The contest

Presentation of the contest


Preparing for the contest

To perform well at SWERC, it is crucial that the team members are used to solve algorithmic problems and that the team knows how to work efficiently together.

Team members should become acquainted with the format of the problems and with the algorithmic concepts that usually occur in problems; and of course they should have some practice with one of the official programming languages, to write code quickly and debug it efficiently.

Teams should train together to learn how to collaborate, to share the computer between the team members, and to allocate the time between problems. The best way to train as a team is to get together with your team members and try your luck on some ICPC contests from previous years simulating the contest environment (so using only one computer and for a duration of ~5 hours).

There are websites that collect such contests, and also provide a judging system to test your solutions. A large collection of ICPC contests is offered on websites such as

There is also plenty of documentation online about the format of the ICPC contest and how to train for it, if you are interested google how to prepare for icpc and you will find a lot of information.

The best teams that participate to ICPC prepare a team reference document (aka "notebook") with the code for common algorithms, to be used during the contest. See the regulations page for details about what the notebook can contain. An example of notebook is the one from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Please note that we only link this notebook for illustrative purposes and do not otherwise endorse its contents.

Other programming contests

We list here some competitive programming platforms hosting contests not necessarily in the ICPC format with a brief description:

  • Codeforces, platform organizing many individual contests per month.
  • Codechef, platform organizing many individual contests per month.
  • AtCoder, platform organizing many individual contests per month.
  • Kattis, platform hosting mirrors of various regional ICPC contests.
  • CSES, a well-thought list of classical problems in competitive programming.
  • Google Code Jam, series of contests with an on-site final.
  • Facebook Hacker Cup, series of contests with an on-site final.